WTS’ meeting with WBA

As last November WTS met with Waimaw Baptist Association (WBA), WTS, led by the principal, asked for God’s blessings by paying sincere gratitude to Chihpwi Baptist Association (CBA) one of the founding pillars of WTS with Kachin traditional back baskets, along with some meaningful gifts. The meeting was held at CBA office in Chihpwi on January 11, 2021. The following five key remarks are excerpted from the meeting.

  1. Srn Latung Bawm Lung, the vice-principal, offered the Kachin back baskets together with words of appreciation to WBA.
  2. Rev. T. Dau Hkawng, the principal, gave report on how WTS has been applying the virtual approach for WTS programs in the midst of Covid-19 pandemic, stressed the importance of CBA’s active participation, and introduced WTS staffs to CBA staffs.
  3. Rev. Langjaw Ying Hkaw delivered words of blessings. Then, Rev.  Lape Hkaw Taik (the president of CBA) prayed for God’s abundant blessings upon WTS.
  4. Rev. Lamye Dai Hkawng, the general secretary of CBA, appreciated WTS for its effort to train students who serve in the constituency of CBA.
  5. Rev. Lamye Dai Hkawng continuously expressed its continued support, collaboration and coordination for the sake of extending the Kingdom of God.

Waimaw Chyum Jawng hte Chihpwi Ginwang Hkrum Zup Ai Lam

Waimaw Ginwang hte lai wa sai November shata hta hkrum ai hte maren, January 11, 2021 hta jawng up woi awn ai hte Waimaw chyum jawng gaw jawng a dawhpum dawnu ginwang langai rai nga ai Chihpwi ginwang(CBA) hpe chyeju dum shat lit hte rau kumhpa ni gun sak jaw ai hte Karai Kasang hta wunli la chyeju shakawn kyu hpyi hkam la ai lamang hpe CBA rung hta kabu gara galaw la lu sai. Wunli la hkrum zup ai hta:

1. WTS Ningtau Jawng up Srn Latung Bawm Lung hku nna chyeju wunli ga ni hte rau shat lit hpe Chihpwi ginwang de ap ya ai.

2. WTS Jawng Up Rev. T. Dau Hkawng hku na jawng a report kadun hpe tang madun let, jawng program ni hpe online ganghkau hku  sharin nga ai lam, CBA a shang lawm ai lam kade ahkyak ai lam hte WTS magam gun ni hpe shachyen ya ai lam ni hpe galaw ai.

3. Rev. Langjaw Ying Hkaw hku nna shaman mang gala tsun ngut ai hpang,  Rev.  Lape Hkaw Taik (CBA ningbaw) hku nna WTS a matu Karai Kasang hta wunli la chyeju shakawn kyu hpyi ap nawng ya sai.

4. Rev. Lamye Dai Hkawng, CBA amu madu, hku nna WTS hku nna CBA hta magam gun na  jawng ma law law ni hpe sharin shalat ya nga ai majaw chyeju dum ai lam tsun shana ai.

5. Rev. Lamye Dai Hkawng hku nna, WTS hte rau Karai Kasang a mungdan grau maden jat hkra matut manoi madi shadaw, rau jawm gun hpai sa wa na lam tsun shalawm mat ai.

Recorded by: Sr. Mangshang Zung Bawm (sharin shara)