Waimaw Theological Seminary (WTS)

  • Waimaw Theological Seminary (WTS) is one of the Kachin Baptist Convention (KBC)’s theological seminaries. It is located in Mukchyit about 27 km or 17 miles away from Myitkyina, the Kachin State, Myanmar.
  • WTS was founded in June 2001 with the aim to serve Kachin Baptist churches situated in the remote regions and in the Eastern Mission Fields. It kicked off with 12 students. Symbolically, the number 12 is a theological coincidence with Jesus’ twelve disciples spreading the Good News to the end of the world.
  • WTS’s teaching existed in the compound of Waimaw Baptist Association (WBA) over a period of 6 years from 2001 through 2006. Moreover, WTS employed the infrastructure and facilities of WBA before moving to Mukchyit Campus in 2006.
  • Rev. Lagang Ze Hkawng, the current deputy secretary-general of KBC, served as the first president of WTS from the start of seminary until 2017. Then, in 2017 Rev. Htawshe Dau Hkawng succeeded him.

Visions and Objectives (Yaw Shada Ai Lam Ni)

  • To teach the word of God to those who would like to serve in the ministry of the church. (Nawku hpung a sasana magam bungli hta tatut daw jau na matu hkyen lajang mayu ai ni hpe Karai mungga shari ya na matu)
  • To prepare and equip students to become competent ministers so that they may serve and nurture the church more effectively and proficiently. (Ta tut magam gun n ani hpe shangai shalat na hte nawku hpung hpe grau nna dawjau karum lu na matu.
  • As a result of equipping sufficient ministers, the number of servants in the churches or constituency of KBC both in its urban and rural areas including in its Eastern Mission Fields will increase (Jinghpaw Wunpawng Hkalup Hpung Ginjaw (KBC) a shanwang kata, mare buga, bum pa layang shara shagu hte Sinpraw Hkran Sasana Ginra ni hta magam gun ni law jat wa na matu.
  • To preach, share, witness and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the end of the age or the world (Matthew 28:20) (Mungkan htum hkra kabua gara shiga hkaw tsun sakse hkam, shachyam shabra lu na matu.

The Pillars of WTS ( Dawhpum Dawnu Ni)

  • Kachin Baptist Convention, Waimaw Baptist Association and Chihpwi Baptist Association have played key leading roles in the establishment or existence of Waimaw Theological Seminary. (Jinghpaw Wunpawng Hkalup HPung Ginjaw (KBC), Waimaw Ginwang Hkalup Hpung Ginjaw(WBA) kaw nna woi awn hpaw hpang da ai).
  • Kind support especially from WBA and Chihpwi Baptist Association (CBA) and generous believers from the context of KBC helps the seminary run. (Waimaw Ginwang hte Chihpwi Ginwang ni a madi shadaw ya ai hte dawde hpaw ninghtan nga ga ai).

At times, WTS receives donations from generous believers from the constituency of KBC. (Kam sham ai kanu kawa ni a madi shadaw ai lam ni mung nga ai.